Welcome to Seattle

Seattle Downtown is thoroughly modern, stylish, and cutting-edge, but even as mega-corporations perform their not-so-subtle takeover of the area during the day, there are unlimited opportunities for exploration and adventure at night. One thing is palpable -- the neighborhood is fast-paced, ever-changing, and energizing to all who visit.

What to Expect

This neighborhood is the perfect intersection between commerce and culture.

The Lifestyle

If it seems like pedestrians are walking in a hurry, it’s probably because they’re catching their dinner reservations.

Unexpected Appeal

Fans of art and theater, rejoice! Downtown Seattle is rich with cultural experiences to be had.

So much to offer: Today, the Downtown neighborhood is composed of the retail core, Pike Place Market, Denny Triangle, Pioneer Square on the east, Belltown on the west, the International District, and South Lake Union. Each functions as its own micro-city, with attitudes and flavors all their own.

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